Over a Hundred Million Dollars Paid to MPAA for Piracy Damages

Richard Thu, 11/27/2014 - 22:59

In 2013, Fung reached an agreement to pay $110 million to a group of plaintiffs which includes studios like Disney and Paramount ahead of shutting down. That's not going to stop the MPAA from attempting to shut it down, of course.

The $110 million damages imposed on isoHunt are important but not astronomical in the context of file-sharing settlements. Claiming additional than 44 million customers and indexing over 13 million active BitTorrent files, isoHunt was the fourth most well known internet site of its type. In addition to closing its doors, the web site has agreed to pay $110 million for claims that the web page induced the pirating of movies and Tv shows.

IsoHunt was (a single of numerous) BitTorrent index web pages. After he heard of ArchiveTeam's attempts to save all data and therefore copy IsoHunt, owner Mr. Fung switched his web page offline earlier to prevent it. This suggests that new IsoHunt (isohunt.com.co) is not essentially linked with ArchiveTeam or the previous operators. The group initially sought $600 million in damages, even though the $110 million figure that was ultimately agreed upon is observed by numerous as a warning to other file-sharing entities.

IsoHunt claims to have more than 44 million peers and 13 million active torrents. Their court event started seven years and ended in late 2013 with the indexer's founder, G. Fung, agreeing to spend $110 million (which is 68 million pounds) to the group of film studios which includes Disney and 21th Century Fox. Though several around the web are saying the shut down won't do any great, still, the decision for the site's administrator to shut down isoHunt is a considerable 1 as the BitTorrent icon has been in operation for more than ten years now.

The eight movie studios, like Columbia Images, Disney Enterprises, Paramount Photos and Twentieth Century Fox Film, have also asked a California court to enter a $110 million judgment against the web site and its operator, Gary Fung. IsoHunt is the famous p2p BitTorrent search engine. On October 2013 Isohunt announced it would shut down indefinitely.

The website is at the moment nonetheless on-line, but will quickly be shut. In October 2013 Isohunt announced it would shut down indefinitely. Besides IsoHunt closing down and spending far more than a 100 million for its piracy damages, its owner, Mr. Fung, is barred from further working from infringement of the films of MPAA.

There are practically 8 million torrents offered for download by way of the isoHunt Pro search engine. As of Friday, the web site stated it linked to 13.7 million active BitTorrent files with 51 million users either uploading or download them. Other file-sharing sites operated by Fung, like the preferred , will also shut down as a outcome of the settlement.

For these who are not up to date, right here is what is occurred and why IsoHunt has suddenly shut down. Without a doubt the internet's second most visited bittorrent web site (instantly after The Pirate Bay), isoHunt was okay to shut its web search down on the 23rd of October, after a long fight with 8 movie studios from Hollywood. As of Friday, the web page stated it linked to 13.7 million active BitTorrent files with 51 million customers either uploading or downloading them.