The Irremovable Advertisement in the Latest Version of uTorrent

Max Sun, 06/15/2014 - 21:04

If you have downloaded the latest version of uTorrent and have been using it for sometime now, then you might be one among its numerous users complaining about the latest change that the torrent developers have made.

Recently, the latest version of uTorrent has been realised, which no longer has the option to disable the ad for the applications in the left corner. Here it’s worth mentioning that it is the same feature that was made available by the BitTorrent Inc. a few years ago after a users’ revolt. Hence, this latest change is going to disappoint a large section of its users. People using the application to exchange torrent files via Sumo, Lime or Extra torrent for example, are a bit disappointed in the current situation.

The Users’ Revolt Few Years Ago

There is no denying the fact uTorrent has an enormously massive user base. Millions of people from all across the globe use the application for file sharing, downloading, etc. Hence, it’s pretty obvious that if any change is made to it, then it is going to affect a huge mass. In this context, there is an instance that happened two years ago, which is worth mentioning. It had been one of the greatest backslashes in the history of Torrent.

BitTorrent Inc. made an announcement of building uTorrent ad-supportable. Soon, users from all across the globe started a kind of small revolt. Of course, they didn’t like this new change. They complained and provided their valuable feedbacks. They were unhappy and had their own reasons for that. However, the most primary aspect that was annoying all of them was that they had no option to disable those ads.

Fortunately, the BitTorrent Inc. CEO then, Eric Klinker, acted upon the customer feedbacks, figured out the dissatisfaction of the users, and quickly decided to give them a chance to opt out. Soon, they released a newer version of the application, wherein users had an opt-out mechanism for all those offers and advertisements.

Since then, the ads and promotional offers in uTorrent became optional. Those were turned-on by default, but the users had the freedom to disable them whenever needed. The company was quite successful in generating millions or may be billions, as the existing customers were happy that the change was made as per their demands. Beside, new customers also were happy using their services, due to extraordinary customer services.

The Most Unexpected and Annoying Change That Was Made Recently

Once again, the uTorrent users have now no other option but to deal with those annoying ads in the left corner. The latest release of the application, version 3.4.2, has no option for the users to opt out from such promotional offers and ads in the application’s lower left corner.

No doubt, this new change will compel the users to raise questions and give negative feedbacks. However, one thing is for sure that the company is going to generate enormous revenue with their new strategy. As far as the end users are concerned, the time itself will reveal, whether or not they are ready to adjust with this new change, something they have already revolted against in the past.